Click the following link to download Seven Kingdoms 2 HD patch version 2.10E.


How To Apply The Patch

1)     Download the Patch ZIP file.

2)     Open your Seven Kingdoms 2 HD program folder by right-clicking on the Seven Kingdoms 2 HD game icon and select “Properties”, then select “Open File Location” to open the program folder.

3)     Double-click on the ZIP file to open it and extract all the files in the ZIP to the Seven Kingdoms 2 HD program folder. 

Version History

Improvements Since Version 2.10E:

Increased the maximum number of natural resource sites you can set in a new game from 7 to 10.

Improved path finding for units.

On the multiplayer game setup menu, renamed the button “Create” to “Host” for better clarity.

On the in-game option menu, renamed “Inside Information” to “Building Info on Map” for better clarity.

Added hot keys for “Collect Tax” and “Grant” in towns.

News about newly merged independent villages are only displayed if they are in an explored location on the map. 

News about rebellions in enemy villages are only displayed when they are visible to you, considering the Fog of War and Unexplored Map settings.

On the in-game option menu (‘O’ key to open), you can now toggle the option of automatically prompting diplomatic requests from allies and friendly kingdoms.   (You may also CTRL-T to toggle this option, without opening the option menu.)

The mouse scrolling method option, which was originally available on the in-game option menu, can now be changed using the ‘CTRL-L’ hot key during the game.

Gameplay Balance Improvements:

Damaged independent Fryhtan structures will be repaired slowly on their own over time.

Improved the AI’s behaviors on declaring war and offering to cease fire. They will tend less to declare war against you soon after a cease fire agreement.

Bug fixes:

Fixed the bug with display the hot key list in 800×600 mode.

Fixed the bug with the news about rebellions.  

Fixed a bug with news about emerged independent towns.

Fixed a display bug with the option “natural resources at start” on the multiplayer new game setup menu.

Fixed a bug with the caravan in the second human tutorial.

Improvements Since Version 2.09:

Added hot keys for switching the display mode of unit attributes in Forts and Military Camps. 

ALT-1 – display loyalty levels of all units in the fort.

ALT-2 – display combat skills of all units in the fort.

ALT-3 – display hit points of all units in the fort.

ALT-4 – display leadership skills of all units in the fort.

The display mode now will not be automatically reset when you view another fort. It stays in the selected mode until you change it.

Added hot keys for the following diplomatic responses:

ALT-A – Accept

ALT-R – Reject

Bug fixes:

Fixed the bug with ALT-R key.

Fixed a multiplayer crash bug.

Gameplay Balance Improvement:

AI will never offer to buy throne from the player.

Fine-tuned the AI’s logic for surrendering.

New kingdoms will emerge more often with more cash and food if the “Random Kingdoms” option is enabled.

News about rebellions at enemy towns will only be displayed when there is a minimum of 6 peasants rebelling.

Tuned the frequency at which independent heroes joining your kingdom.

Improvements Since Version 2.08:

Supported for windowed mode. Click on the resolution indicator on the main menu to change the display mode.

Add shortcut keys for:

ALT-R – Conduct Research in Science of Tower

ALT-C – Hire Caravan at Market

ALT-W – Make Weapon in War Factory

ALT-T – Train special unit

ALT-R – Promote a Unit

T-find the next town

Original T key which was for Science of Tower, now it is changed to Q

Press hotkey ‘P’ to select the next idle peasant unit that is outside a town. (To pause the game, please use Space key instead.)

When you press ‘G’ to select a General unit, it will also select the soldiers the general commands.

When you hire a caravan from a Market, your Caravan will be automatically selected.

It will play a notification sound when you define a group with CTRL 1 to 9.

To recall a group and center the map view on the group, press the numeric key twice (e.g. press ‘1’ twice to recall the group #1)

Gameplay Balance Improvement

Decreased the tendency for AI kingdoms to surrender to each other.

AI kingdoms will tend less to declare war on you.

Added a new column called “Relation Level” on the Kingdoms report, showing your relation level with other kingdoms. This indicator gives you new insights on the diplomatic situation.

The following are two examples of comprehending the diplomatic situation with the aid of this new indicator:

1.      When you propose a friendly treaty to an AI kingdom, it will only consider your offer if your relation level with the AI kingdom is higher than zero.

2.      When your relation level with a friend or allied AI kingdom drops to a low level, there will be higher possibilities for them to terminate the existing friendly or alliance treaty with you.

In a single player game, when an allied or friendly kingdom sends you a request, it will automatically pop up the Accept/Reject window and pause the game. This is to prevent the situation where you missed the requests from AI kingdoms leading to the unintentionally outcome of their terminating the alliance/friend treaty with you.

An AI kingdom will now always accept your financial aid if you offer any to it. For instance, instead of going into war with the Fryhtans yourself, you may sponsor an AI alliance to battle the Fryhtans.

New Optional Launch Game Parameters

If the game cannot launch successfully, you may use the following new game launch parameters for forcing the game to start in windowed mode or full screen mode.

“–w” to force the game to start in windowed mode.

“–f” to force the game to start in full screen mode.

Bug fixes

Fixed a display problem with research options on the Science of Tower building.

Fixed a crash bug with the campaign map screen.

Fixed various tutorial bugs.

Fixed the attacking sounds of Greek units. 

Improvements Since Version 2.07K:

It fixes the low frame rate issue. 

Improvements Since Version 2.07G:

The costs of breeding new Fryhtan (monster) units have been increased for improved gameplay balance.

The issue that some users have previously reported about the Fryhtans being too aggressive in attacking the humans has thus been resolved. Attacks from Fryhtans will be less frequent.  

With this change, the player will be able to focus on long term strategic planning for building an empire, bringing Seven Kingdoms 2 HD’s pace of gameplay closer to the original Seven Kingdoms.  

We also recommend you to try out the new “Large Map” mode (4 times as larger as the original map) that comes with the HD version. These new settings together add even more strategic depth to the game. 

Improvements since version 2.06:

Added support for the following screen resolutions:

·        1280×800 (16:10 aspect ratio)

·        1366×768 (16:9 aspect ratio)

·        1440×900 (16:10 aspect ratio)

·        1680 x 1050 (16:10 aspect ratio)

Now you can press either F10 key or ESC key to bring up the menu in the game.

It is now possible to optionally access the original 7K2 DirectPlay multiplayer game setup menu, although we still recommend using GameRanger for a better experience.

When you click the “Multiplayer” option on the main menu, it will pop up a window asking you to select either “GameRanger” or “DirectPlay”.

Fixed the problem with running the game on Windows XP.

Fixed the problem with black borders on some screen modes.