Unique gameplay that is not just about gathering resources, amassing a big army and attacking enemies.

An incredible blend of city management, trade, industry, espionage, diplomacy and conquest.

You can either fight or buy your way to victory.

12 Ancient Human Kingdoms, including  Egyptian, Indian, Persian, Chinese, Japanese, Mongol, Greek, Roman, Carthaginian, Norman, Viking or Celt.

7 Fearful Fryhtan Species and their Special Units & Powers.

Play as Humans or Fryhtans.

    12 Powerful Gods and Goddesses.

    Heroes to hire for each of the 12 human civilizations.

    Build Industries & Trading Routes.

    Intriguing espionage actions, including agitation, counter-spy, information theft, bribing, assassination, technology theft, and camouflage.  

    Conduct Subtle Diplomacy or Flagrantly Break Treaties

    A Random Campaign Generator with role playing elements. 

    New Features of the HD version

    High-Resolution Screen Support Up To 1920×1080

    The game will automatically selects the high possible screen resolution supported by the user’s monitor. If the user wants to change to another resolution, the user may simply do so by clicking on the resolution indicator on the main menu. 

    Large Map Mode Which Is 4 Times As Large As The Original Map.

    The large map mode will improve the gameplay in the following ways:

    • If New Independent Town Emerge setting is enabled, new independent towns will emerge more frequently thanks to the more spacious map.
    • Some random maps will have more mountainous terrain which allows for more tactical possibilities.

    14 High Quality Music Tracks

    The music tracks in the classic Seven Kingdoms game are some of the most memorable music tracks in PC gaming. This time we have included 7 highly praised music tracks from the classic Seven Kingdoms, bringing the total number of music tracks in the game to 14.